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Every commitment of saying "I Do" is preceded by the question starting with, "Will you...?" These words set it all in motion.

An engagement between two people is like a down payment on a beautiful dream. You're sealing the deal with a ring and time stamping it all with photographs. Engagement photography is more than a luxury expense. It's an opportunity for a couple to become in sync with the visual historian selected to document the beginning of their family's history. 

Why Should We Shoot Engagement Photos?

The most common use for engagement photos are for couples looking to create "Save the Date"cards as well as invitations.  Some, more tech savvy couples use these images for their wedding day gift registry websites.   These photos also make great gift ideas for the reception guests as well as creative guest books and enlarged portraits for signing.

If none of these uses or reasons appeal to you, I honestly think  you should still consider having engagement photos professionally shot.  Especially if you're considering hiring the photographer as your wedding day photographer.  

This shoot will give the photographer an opportunity to address specific needs, requests and complexities of shooting with the couple.  There are three goals to accomplish here: Having a great time, taking amazing photographs, and identifying the team's working chemistry. You'll get a chance to see your photographer's shooting style as stiff or as quirky as they may be. You'll quickly get a feel for their personality and expectations they may have of you. You could honestly treat it as an interview. From push over to pushing too hard, you'll quickly see if this is the right person to hire for your wedding photography.



Watch this video of a couple explaining how I invited them to comfortably

lay in the SNOW on their wedding day! 

Wedding Photography Shoot. In the SNOW???  (Couple's Reaction)
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