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Save Time and Money - 2024 lighting idea for at-home creators on a budget. (pt.1)

This is how I made this image:

The Situation: It’s the top of 2024, very early in the morning at the Elliott's home, and I need to shoot some fresh promotional content of myself to get this new year started right.

The dilemma: Our kids will be up raiding the refrigerator for breakfast soon so I must move fast to get all the content I need while keeping the production footprint as small as possible.

The Process: Instead of pulling out powerful studio lights on C-Stands, heavy-duty tripods, and backdrops, I decided to scale back greatly, only using my DSLR camera, and a couple of battery-powered RGB lights on travel light poles to get the desired cinematic look I was going for.

(watch the video using the link below)

The outcomes: From this effort, I recorded 1 social media promo, a mini photoshoot, and filmed this tutorial video, and had it all broken down before the kids came out of their rooms.

The Point of it all: This is proof that you can create with minimal equipment if you allow yourself to think creatively! Let's put it in perspective. This particular camera was released 8 years ago. So compared to newer models, it's a dinosaur. The lens is a few dollars above the cost of a stock lens. These small tube lights are amazing however, they're not made to be key (main front) lights. They are great accent lights for background aesthetics at best. And yet, I was still able to achieve an above-average image from this setup. Not because of top-tier equipment, but because I approached the shoot with a vision. I knew what the result should look like. Knowing this, I also knew which equipment was capable of producing this look.

The bottom line, anyone can get these results or better with a little practice and creative thinking.

Here are some of my affiliate links to see exactly what equipment I used to achieve this cinematic image. When you purchase, I receive a commission at no cost to you.


Used to bounce off of the foam board

The main light

The hair light from behind (any RGB light will do)


Holding my main light (any light stand will do)

Holding my camera on the table (any mini tripod will do)

Holding my phone (any smartphone holder will do)

Holding the foam board in place


1080p photo/video camera

50mm Lens

Thank you for your time. If it brought you value in any way, please follow us on IG and FB for more @elliottbydesign

You're welcome ;)

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