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Testimonial | Brandon & Yaitza 

When your wedding day is almost shut down by a snow storm, you've already hired a limo and chauffeur to safely get you to your photo shoot locations but in an instant, it becomes too dangerous to chance it, what do you do?  See how Todd "Bangz" Elliott and this beautiful couple dared to be different and got creative with the circumstances.  Watch them explain how the magic happened!


Testimonial | Frank & Tamika

People can plan, prepare and coordinate what you want your wedding day to look like but sometimes things doesn't go as planned.  In these moments, a couple should rely on a strong team effort to buffer them from mishaps.  My wedding photography philosophy is simple...

a stress free bride is a photogenic bride.  Even if I have to wear additional hats to keep this balance, it's more work but amazing results in the end.  But, I'll let them tell it best.


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